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Whatever happened to hard work and determination?



What are your thoughts on motivation? Do you rely on it to get you going or do you rely on hard work and dedication. Listen to Mel Robbins views on why motivation is garbage in the video below. Also see the articles below on what every happened to hard work and determination.

crab mentality-Truelifefitness


Take a look at the picture above. Determination enabled the crab to make it out of the bucket! Determination enable the cheetah to catch it`s prey! Today people are always looking for an easy way out, especially North Americans. We are constantly looking for things that will make our lives easier, no matter what the cost or what effect it will have on our bodies. Marketers are making a killing off of this. Think about how many marketing commercials you see or hear over the course of the day. Food companies enticing you with big build boards to draw you in.They’re everywhere, from household goods to supplements,fast food and alcohol.

People who achieved their fitness goals likely got there through hard work and never letting up. They also develop a good sense of mental and body awareness. Taking things into account like there environment and how their bodies react to food. You must have the i can attitude. Not just in the gym, but also in all aspects of life. Never let anyone tell you that it is impossible, or that it’s just a stupid idea. People say that to me every day, and then are amazed when they noticed Ive accomplished that very tasks they said i couldn’t do.

Fitness Trainer Toronto-Michael Kelly

On your way to the gym, think of the last time someone doubted you or said that’s to impossible for you. Perhaps you`ve doubted yourself. Carry a gladiator like mentality into the gym with you and see how great of a workout you`ll have. Next time you’re in the gym and coming close to that last rep, say to yourself “Never give up, push through. During those last few challenging reps is where the “is where the results will come from”.



Barriers exist only to be broken and that`s what training is all about. Redefining yourself and sets goals and surpassing them. Don`t be afraid to step out of our comfort zone and learn more about ourselves. Be fearless and confident. Now is not the time for excuses. Don’t put things off until tomorrow because tomorrow isnt guaranteed. Do it now, do it today. Put purpose behind your determination and stay consistent.

“Some succeed because they are destined and some succeed because they are determined”

Fitness Coach Mike,




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