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Still Waiting For Results This Year? *Be Patient*


Over the years I’ve found that lack of Patience has set a lot of us back from seeing our greatest potential. I recall a time when we had no choice but to practice patience. If you used the internet in the 1990`s you were probably on AOL. Remember how slow internet speed was back then. We had no choice but to watch and wait for the web page to load.

loading be patient

I often get asked how long it took me to achieve the physique I have now. Some ask just out of curiosity and some ask because their hoping to find out if there`s a secret. I always say to them that i wish i knew what the secret was. The only secret i know is to be patient and consistent.

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Patience in everyday living

We live in a culture today were people are so used to getting things right away. We have been programmed for immediacy. People don`t like to wait anymore. I believe we could all benefit from practicing patience. For example, some of us drive to work daily. I think it`s safe to assume that not everyone knows how to drive and not everyone follow`s the rules of the road. Knowing this in advance will enable us to not have the element of surprise when we see someone breaking the rules. Practice patience daily and expect the unexpected.

Having Patience when setting Fitness Goals

Patience while working towards your fitness goals go hand in hand. Think of how long it took to build Rome. It certainly wasn’t built over night or build in a week or a month. During your process think about the process it takes to build a house. First there is a thought>Idea>Blueprint>then follows a step by step process. Laying out a foundation of concrete or Bricks is important when building a house. Without the foundation the house will fall or crumble.

I believe it’s important to build a foundation when reconstructing our mind and body. We have to start by building a strong core foundation from within. Building a core foundation from within means, developing a strong inner belief system.  Living with purpose, developing inner-self-awareness and having confidence. It`s important to have these characteristics to hold ourselves up strong during the storms and dark time`s in life. If you find yourself walking through a dark tunnel say to yourself:

  • “I’m not going to get discouraged if i didn’t see results immediately.
  • “if i slip I’m going to stand up and keep walking
  • ” Trust the circumstances that you’re in even though things haven’t changed yet
  • ” I will endure”, ” I will be consistent”, ” I will persevere no matter what”

What most of us fail to realize is that the answers are there within us. If we stop wait and think we`ll discover what we need to do. By doing little research, seeking professional help and increasing your  internal intelligence you`ll will be on are way to success. Sometimes when things don’t happen on are timetable it can be tempting to get discouraged ,feel stuck or have a setback. But it`s during this time when we should dig deep and refuse to give up. So when your setting fitness goals this year remember that life is all about phases, a process and level`s. It takes time to feel comfortable during each phase and level in life. You may be going through a serious challenge in life right now but remember beyond this difficult time is a new level of life awaiting you. We are now in February, are you still on track with your goals? If you are keep it going, if you aren’t don’t worry get back on track starting today.

Be good to yourself,






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