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Video-What Does It Take To Build Rock Solid Habits: 3 Part Series



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Why do some people tend to get stuck in their own habits and setbacks? It’s easy to follow the same routine everyday because it can be familiar and comfortable. Here is a 4 step process to changing habits & behaviours:

Step 1 Unconscious incompetence  Could mean that someone doesn’t realize that they have the power within to achieve a goal. Anyone can change a habit but we must first realize that from within.

Step 2 Conscious incompetence. This is the level when you realize your unable to lose weight or gain muscle then consciously make an effort to find out how to make it possible.

Step 3 Conscious Competence. This is the stage were true growth happens. It is here were we need to develop consistency, determination and overcome limiting beliefs. At this stage we notice when something isn’t working and then make a change by trial and error. When we find what works we need to  keep refining it just like what Apple did with I-Phone 1-7.

Step 4 Unconscious Competence. At this level your habit becomes and feels natural. It`ll second nature to all your habits like brushing your teeth daily.

When we decide to make a change in our habits, we often feel very motivated in the beginning stages and lose momentum once we don’t see results. Maybe we’ve been inspired by a new gym membership or someone in a fitness magazine. We get excited about the possibility of achieving real change in our lives. But what happens when that excitement wears off? How do we create new habits and behaviors that are lasting?One way to keep yourself on track with your fitness goals is  by examining your intentions and analyzing them when you feel out of balance. Consciously consider why you`ve made the choice to live a healthy lifestyle. Any successful person will tell you that it take sacrifice to achieve success. At times, it’s easy to tell yourself that it’s ok to skip your workout for a few days or eat whatever looks appetizing. This is the time to be conscious of your habits & behaviours.

Forming new habits can become discouraging at time. Build a support system for yourself, and examine your own thoughts and attitudes towards your habits. You will find that fulfilling any goal becomes much easier when you understand the process of habits & behaviours.

Learn more about the power of habits from one of my favourite books:

the power of habit

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We do in Life and Business




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