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Using the Power of Internal Mental Dialogue to Supply the Body with the Right Nutrition



A strong awareness of how the food industry works can protect you against the sometimes unreasonable and enticing marketing strategies they use. Note that just like the tobacco industry, the food industry is also aggressive as far as advertising to and manipulating their target audience is concerned. For instance, both industries try to entice their younger audience first as they’re easier to persuade. The problem is that if they are tempted then it would be difficult to change their unhealthy eating habits or bad vices later on.

Unfortunately, the food industry has already mastered the art of enticing their audience, particularly the young ones, by creating great flavours. In fact, they focus more on enhancing the taste and flavours of their products, instead of the more important matter, which is nutrition value. The smell and aroma of their foods, for instance, are already enough to tempt some food lovers because these sensations can make them feel like they will be in for a good treat.

It’s time to reflect on these marketing tactics of various companies, however. Think about how they try to capture your attention whether you’re at home or outdoors. Reflect on the perfection that they’re trying to show you through their foods. After that, ask yourself if these foods are really good for you. You should then harness the power of internal mental dialogue so you can resist the temptation of these food companies and start nourishing your body with the right foods rich in nutrition.

How to Make the Best Food Decisions?

To harness your internal mental dialogue and ensure that you use it to supply your body with the highest level of nutrition, it is crucial to start assessing how you make decisions related to the foods you eat. If you’re easily tempted with the offers of various food companies then it’s time to make some changes on the way you think.

Instead of eating solely for taste or flavour, it’s necessary to create an internal mental dialogue to persuade yourself to change your habits and choose foods based on their nutritional value. The good news is that there’s no need for you to let go of taste. It’s actually possible for you to find foods with extremely high nutrition value without sacrificing taste. Fresh fruits, for instance, are tasty and can satisfy your cravings for sweets while giving you the nutrients your body needs.

How Food Makes you Feel After you Eat it?

One way to determine whether a food is really nutritious is to figure out how it makes you feel right after eating it. If the food makes you feel energetic and good then there’s a chance that you’re consuming wholly natural and healthy foods. However, there are also those that can make you feel good in the first few minutes but cause you to feel bad or guilty afterward.

Some of the things you have to watch out for that will show you that you’re eating unhealthily and filling your body with the bad stuff, like processed carbs, bad fats, sugar, and other junk, are feeling like you want to take a nap after eating, dehydration, bad mood, and early signs of aging.

How to Persuade Yourself to Make Healthy Eating Decisions?

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Supplying your body with the right nutrition through healthy eating is actually possible by using the power of internal mental dialogue. Remember that your mind is powerful so it can always persuade you to eat or not eat something. Here are some tips and tricks to harness your internal mental dialogue to gain proper nutrition:

  1. Imagine a pause button – What you have to do is to imagine yourself as you hit a pause button each time you’re craving for something unhealthy. Even if the food is already in front of you, you can actually stop yourself from reaching for it if you just think and pause for a while. What you have to do is to stop, think, and reflect for around ten minutes prior to formulating an actual decision.
  2. Create or find healthy substitutes – You can also harness your internal mental dialogue and trick your mind by finding a healthy alternative to an unhealthy food you’re craving for. For instance, if you’re craving for potato chips then making healthy and crispy kale chips that have almost the same qualities as the potato chips is a good way to trick your mind. Practicing this habit often will also train your brain and taste buds to adjust and stick to healthier options.
  3. Set a list of Alternatives – Before you satisfy your craving, prepare to beat it with a list of distractions and activities. For instance, if you’re craving for unwanted stuff, do something else, like polishing your nails, walking, calling a friend, or playing a video game. Focus on the activity while establishing a mental dialogue internally and you’ll notice your craving diminishing in just a few seconds or minutes.

The way you converse with yourself using your mind can really contribute to supplying your body with proper nutrition. Just make sure that you’re gentle when persuading yourself internally to eat certain stuff. Avoid beating yourself too much when talking yourself out of eating unhealthy foods, too. What you have to do, instead, is to slow down. Reflect on what you’re eating exactly and its effects on you and your health. In case you ate something unhealthy, do not beat yourself up. You should just focus on training your mind and internal mental dialogue, so you can improve your willingness to change your unhealthy habits.




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