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Fitness Expert Mike Reveals How To Overcome Common Workout Excuses



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At this time of the year many of us are getting ready to achieve that great summer body. If you ask me, why wait till the summer  to start a healthy lifestyle. Here`s a great quote by Bruce lee,”If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you`ll never get it done.” So why not Start TODAY.

I’ve been a fitness coach for now 10 years and i have heard every excuse in the book on why people refuse to workout, eat well, make it to their training sessions or do cardio. Below are common excuses i’ve encountered over the years and ways to overcome them. 

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1. It`s too expensive to work out and be healthy

How to overcome-Start paying more attention to what you buy when you shop. You may find that you’ve made a habit of making unnecessary purchases.Example: buying Tim hortons/Starbucks coffee every day with a muffin or bagel. This can add up to about $1000 per year. Take the time in the morning to make your own tea or coffee at home. You`ll save at least $30-100 per month on just tea/coffee alone.

2. I can’t seem to get motivated and can’t afford a fitness coach

How to overcomeInstead of looking into purchasing one on one fitness coaching session`s. Partner up with a friend and go with more affordable service like online fitness coaching. Online fitness coaching is much cheaper and more affordable then one on one fitness coaching. Not only will you save hundreds of dollars but you`ll also experience the convenience of having access to a fitness coach anywhere you are in the world (as long as you have a lap top and Wi Fi). More info on online fitness coaching continue here

3. I`ll start Tomorrow 

How to overcome-With this excuse tomorrow turns into I`ll start next week, next week turns into, I`ll start next month, and next month turns into ill start after new years. Pick a day, set a short and long term goal and stick to it. Make no excuses. You’ll never know the outcome until you take that step forward and giving effort daily.

Fitness Expert Mike,