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Tips On How To Burn Off Summer Treats


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We were very fortunate to have an extended summer here in Toronto. Unfortunately its sadly coming to an end. In terms of results, I’ve gotten a lot of feed back from my clients who have said the summer months can be difficult to maintain a well balanced diet due too over indulgence with bbq’s,ice cream,travel,patio’s and restaurant dining. I have to say that i know my limits but I’m guilty of indulging a bit this summer.

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If you feel like you’ve gone a little over board this summer don’t feel guilty. It’s now time to look forward,prioritize and set new goals for yourself. The reason why i say this is because the thanksgiving holiday is around the corner and it can be a time similar to summer were people tend to slip away from eating healthy. If you don’t hit the reset button now those extra summer calories will be added to thanksgiving calories. If your not careful summer and thanksgiving calories can be added to christmas holiday calories. Do you see the snow ball effect?

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As a fitness coach, I like to remind my clients about the importance of not swaying to far off a diet plan, being mindful about making healthy food choices in every circumstance and advanced food prep planning. The idea is not to get stuck in the same old habits year after year, after each season or holiday. I believe life is about growing continually. Your future success is determined by what you prepare for yourself now. So don’t start tomorrow, Monday or wait for the typical new years resolution,start preparing now.

Here are a few tips which have helped my clients to get back on track throughout the year:

  1. Create a daily to do list and stick to it
  2. Take one or two days out of the week to prep meals in advance
  3. Getting a good nights rest
  4. Remembering not to self sabotage after a set back
  5. Remembering the long term big picture
  6. Set backs are bound to happened. Be prepared for them and keep moving forward
  7. Continually replacing old habits with new habits




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