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The Truth about Milk


Mike Here,

I’ve noticed a lot of change since I stopped drinking milk. My mind is really clear, no stomach pains, better awareness, more energy and I don’t feel bloated.

I’ve done some research and from what I’ve read milk and refined sugar make two of the largest contributions to food induced ill health worldwide today. To increase milk production cows are being injected with hormones and antibiotics leading to allergic reactions, toxic side effects. Can you imagine putting all this crap into your cereal every day? Have you noticed that they`ve been pushing chocolate milk as a great source for nutrients after your workout. When I saw that I had to shake my head. Chocolate milk is loaded with sugar.

In the wild, most animals are exclusively breast-fed until they have tripled their birth weight, which in human infants occurs around the age of one year. Have you ever seen a large lion feed from its mother? Do you still drink breast milk from your mother lol?

So you might ask, what is a good source of calcium? My favorite source of calcium comes from organic foods. To name a few I like, lactose and gluten free whole grain rice milk(less sodium/ calories then milk), almond milk(less  sodium/calories then milk), almonds, broccoli, okra, orange, chickpeas, white beans, black beans, tofu, fish, Spinach, turnips, and collard greens.

Hopefully, you will reconsider using milk as a form of nourishment. Small amounts of milk or milk products taken will likely cause little or no problems for most people but personally I’d rather stay away from it.

Hope this gave you some insight. Have a Purposeful week




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