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The Importance of having a Coach or Mentor


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What is a Coach or mentor?

A mentor is someone who is committed to helping others succeed. Mentors function as advisers, while counselling individuals who may lack knowledge,experience or judgement.  A mentor can also be a great role model and someone to strive to be like or look up to.
Some benefits of having a coach or mentor are improvements in personal growth,health and fitness goals, relationships, finances or even business development. A true mentor will always be 100% brutally honest and tell you what most people are afraid to mention. Mentorship can definitely be a key factor that separates those who become successful in life, from those who continually struggle and never really seem to get ahead.

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I attribute my recent success in the fitness industry to Toronto Personal Trainer Expert Mike. When first met Mike he told me that he`s not good with remembering names so i said to him that he doesn’t have to worry because we both share the same name. I am very firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. Let’s just say, all the events leading up to my contact with Mike was no coincidence. He is very knowledgeable and sets an example by practicing what he preaches. He has taught me that focus, being humble,staying consistent and proper planning are the keys to success. Mike believes that everyone is capable of living and performing above average. In other words he is accustomed to doing things at a supernatural level and this is one of the main reasons why ive gravitated towards him.

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Seeking a good mentor isn’t impossible. In whatever area of life you feel you need improvement, search for the best qualified person in that field and approach them with your concern and ideas. Im sure if they feel and noticed the passion behind your message they`lll be more then willing to work with you.





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