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How To Start A Fitness Blog


 A 6 Step Guide To Starting Your Own Fitness Blog In Under 45 Minutes

Becoming a Fitness Coach and creating a Fitness Blog has changed my life. It has given me a new added purpose to life. Years ago I found out that coaching people towards living a healthier lifestyle is what i wanted to do. I now have the opportunity to share my knowledge and impact people at the same time. So i took a leap of faith and created Truelifefitness Online Personal training and Fitness blog.

Have you been putting off creating your own fitness blog for a while? In this article, I’ll show you how to start a fitness blog in just 45 minutes or
less and for around $70. Get ready to claim your fitness blog today….

How to start a fitness blogIf your someone who has started to work towards a healthy fitness lifestyle why not blog about it. Everyone I’m sure has a story to tell which can help impact others. My blog has reached people all across the world and I’ve received repeated requests on how to start a fitness blog. I decided to lay it out step by step. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a tech wizard, I’m sure a todays average 10 year can do it.

Follow these simple steps and you`ll have your own fitness blog in no time.

Step 1.Choose a unique name for your blog

Picking your blog name (domain name) is very important. To be honest choosing a name may be one of your biggest challenges throughout this process so be patient. Picking a domain can describe you or an idea of how you want your message to be represented. I choose Truelifefitness because being True to myself and the way i treat others is a big part of my personality and the way i live my life. Here are some tips to help you choose a blog name.

  1. Choose a name that will be memorable and easy to type
  2. You don’t want your domain name to be to long as it may be hard to remember
  3. Be sure not to infringing on anyone’s domain. Do a quick domain search in google to be sure your creating a unique domain.
  4. Adding hyphens and numbers can also make it confusing to remember so try to refrain from them if possible

Imagine this scenario. “Whats the name of your fitness blog? (example) Fitness – training4u .com

Thats fitness dash training the number 4 u, not the word you just the letter u. Ok let me get a pen to write it down.” Can you imagine explaining this scenario to everyone who asks for the name of your fitness blog on a daily basis.

  1. Choose .com or .ca or your country short form if its available
  2. You can use keywords or your fitness niche name example Truelife*Fitness*. Fitness being my niche,genre or keyword
  3. If you want to target people in your local area you can add the local area name to your blog like Miamitrainingfitness .com (example)
  4. Be professional and think ahead to the future because opportunities to work with other companies may be a possibility.
  5. Gather a list of names. Ask your family,friends or co-workers what they think of your list of names. This will help you narrow down a name.

Try a quick search here:



How to start a fitness blogStep 2. How To Get Your Blog Online

Before i go through each step of this process let me explain how it works. To get your blog up and running you first need to set up hosting (see below for details) and you need to purchase your blog name which is called your web domain name.

Hosting your fitness website
I know I’m getting into that scary techie language but don’t be alarmed. Hosting your fitness blog online is like renting an apartment building and moving into a new space. It really meaning that your renting space on the internet. See not so scary after all is it? Ive been hosting my fitness blog for over 8 years now and have tried a number of Hosting companies. I would recommend BlueHost for your new blogTheir hosting rates start as low as only $3.95 to $5.95 per month. In addition to the affordable rates they also have FREE tech support which I’ve used when faced with any obstacles.

Buying your website name                                                                                                        If the web domain you’ve chosen is available and nobody has registered it, you can then go ahead and purchase the domain. A web domain can cost around $14 but when you go with blues they include it for free,now thats a great deal.

You should now i have a better understanding of hosting and domain name from Step 1 & 2. It`s now time to get the ball rolling. Head over to Bluehost Homepage  and lets get your Fitness blog started. The image below is what you should see.

A)  Click  the “GET STARTED NOW” button

bluehost affiliate

B) Pick your Hosting plan

It`s time to choose which plan you want. I would suggest going with either the basic plan or plus (Most popular)

bluehost plans

C) Buying your fitness blog domain name

When you’ve chosen your hosting plan from part b, you will be forwarded to a page to purchase your domain name. Check for the availability of the domain and purchase it. Do not be alarmed if it has already been taken. If you followed my advice and created a list of names you`ll have more to choose. Add your new blog name in the box to the left. Once you have found a name click next.

blue host sign up

Part D)  Add your details

how to start a fitness blog

Your able to purchase hosting for 1 to 3 years. Since your new to blogging id suggest choosing the 1 year option. If you`d like to choose the 3 year plan go right ahead its your choice.

Fitness blog

Part E) Create Bluehost password

Once you’ve completed the form above you’ll be sent to this page. Click on the blue button to (create your password)

hosting fitness blog

You’ll be lead to this screen. You can go ahead and create password.

start a fitness blog


fitness blog

                  Im very fortunate to have the opportunity to share great exerpiences with these wonderful people Ankita & Christopher

Step 3) Installing your blog platform- WordPress

Now that that you`ve bought your domain name and hosting its almost time to make your blog go live on the internet. The next step is to instal wordpress from your Bluehost control panel. WordPress is an amazing user friendly platform that allows you to post articles, changes designs, colour, advertise etc. Most of the top bloggers use wordpress including myself.

Here are some instructions below on how to instal wordpress:

Part F) Log into your blue host account

Login at my.bluehost.com. Use the same password entered at Step 2. Log into your blue host account.

fitness blogging

Part G) Installing WordPress

Navigate down towards the headline named (Website builders). Just under website builder you`ll see an icon called Instal WordPress (Its highlighted in red). Go ahead and click the icon.

fitness blog Toronto

Part H)

Here you can go ahead and click the green button START not import

fitness blog Toronto

Part I)

You’ll be lead to this page. Click the drop down menu and select your web domain. Then click Check domain

Toronto fitness blog

Part J)

Check the second box  ” I have read the terms and conditions” and click ‘Install Now’ and ignore the first unchecked box. A loading page will pop up, you will need to wait for a bit while it starts installing wordpress.

online personal trainer

Part K)

When the wordpress installation has completed this page will appear. Click VIEW CREDENTIALS

online personal training

Part L)

Here is the good news. Your website is NOW LIVE on the internet. Beside URL: you should see your web domain. You can now click it.

online fitness coach

So now your site is live, exciting isn’t it?

Step 4) Signing into your new website and start designing your new Fitness Blog

It`s time to design your blog. You can do this by adding a WordPress theme.

Part M)

Type your blog name followed by /wp-admin. It should look like something like this http://www.YOURNEWFITNESSBLOG.com/wp-admin. You can see this link next to Admin URL: in the image above.

Use your username and password from Part L in Step 3 and sign-in to the backend of your new fitness website.

fitness blogThe backend is where you`ll be able to make changes to your website. Example adding blog posts, add images and make edits. This area is called  dashboard where only you have access to.

Part N)

In the backend of your wordpress dashboard look to the left side and you’ll see a section named Appearance. Scroll over it look for Themes and click it.

nutrition blogger

There are many themes you can choose from. You can search for a free theme thats suitable or go with the Twenty sixteen theme. Once you’ve selected your theme go ahead and click install. The good thing about wordpress is that if you aren’t happy with a theme you can change it. When the theme is activated you can type in your new website domain name to view your new wordpress theme.

fitness blogger

You should see an example of your home page which looks like this

Fitness blogging

Part O) How to Publish A Blog Post

To publish your first blog post go back to the dashboard within the backend of your wordpress site (The Black bar).  Hover over Posts>All Posts then click Add New. Add new basically means add new blog post.

online personal training


Now its time to add a title to your new blog post and your creative content which you can place in the big open blank space. After this is complete its now time to share it with the world,click Publish (located on the right side). There you have it your first fitness blog post has been published.

fitness blogger

Enter your new website name to view the new blog post. Congrats……

Part P) What is a wordpress plugin

Plugins are features that can be uploaded to to extend and expand the functionality of your wordpress site. On the left hand side hover over plugins>installed plugins then click add New. Here are a list of important free plugins you should download.

  • WordPress seo by Yoast: Helps to increase the online visibility an ranking of your website
  • Akismet: Helps protect your site from spam
  • WP-Touch: Helps to make your site more user friendly on mobile phones
  • Contact form 7: Allow people to get in contact with you

There are other plugins you can add and a lot more things to learn about the functionality of wordpress but this is just a start.

Step 5) Social Media

As mentioned above there is still so much to learn about wordpress like adding the menu,pages,images,posts or marketing. Outside of your website its important that you create social media accounts to help with the popularity of your site. Some of the most important social media accounts you should create a profile on are:

If you want to track data or the number of visitors that visit your website.  You’ll need to sign up with Google analytics. This platform will enable you to monitor your website traffic including pages and posts. Sign up for a free account here https://www.google.com/analytics/

Step 6) Create About Page

about online personal trainingThis section of the site is an opportunity to add something about yourself.  The about page enables users to connect with you by learning about your personality,character or your vision. Here`s an example of my about page

You should now have a better understanding of how to start your own fitness blog. Don’t wait start today.




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