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Spirit, Mind and Body – Main Recipe for Success in 2019


First and foremost, What is Success?To me, success simply mean the realization of set goals and plans.  Successful people are those who have being able to make desirable changes to their lives irrespective of challenges that tries to prevent them from making these changes. Most times, success could mean completely different things to different people.

As humans, our make up involves our spirit, mind and body. Each of this phase is interconnected and cannot be completely isolated from the other. Success in life involves consciously nourishing this three aspect of our makeup. 


Some people think being successful involves only developing your mind and intellect. This couldn’t be more further from the truth. Total and complete development does not involve the development of professional expertise, financial and emotional intelligence only but also spiritual growth and development. 

The first step towards spiritual growth is connecting with your highest self. This could be done via meditation. Meditation helps to clear your inner being of negative energies and gives clarity to the mind. It involves trusting and connecting with your heart and its intuitive guidance. This can help you profer solution to problems that cannot be solved by logical and rational thinking. It helps you strip away negative energy like ego and fear and move towards the truth, enabling you to accurately deal with a challenge without the cluster of unnecessary negative energies.


The mind is a part of the invisible, transcendent world of thought, attitude, belief, feeling and imagination. The mind is formless and non-physical and so it cannot be obstructed by physical objects. 

Developing your mind is a lifelong process, you should continually develop your mind. Developing your mind involves self development, maintaining clarity, being fearless, letting go etc. Self development involves assessing your skills and qualities. It involves you considering your aim in life and setting goals to help realize these goals and also maximizing your potentials.


The body is the physical substance of human beings. It is the part of a human being that we can easily relate to especially with our senses. The body is the container for both our mind and spirit and so it should be properly tended to. Tending to our bodies involves exercising and proper nutrition or diet. 


Exercising or physical activity has a lot of advantages. It helps lower blood pressure, improves circulation amongst others. Apart from its physical advantages, researchers have shown that exercising helps to improve concentration, creativity, combats stress and increase productivity. 


Healthy eating is something most people do not take into account while setting themselves up for success. But eating right is a very important aspect of being successful because it entails taking care of your physical makeup. It helps you feel great, provides you with more energy, helps in balancing your mood and it keeps you healthy.

The gut is a very important aspect of our physical health. It has been referred to as a second brain and also as the centre of protection from diseases. The gut just like the soil on which a tree depends on for nutrients and stability, provides our physical bodies with a lot of benefits. Benefits such as immunity, digestion, stress reduction etc. In other words, a healthy gut leads to a healthy physical body which in turn is a major requirement for success. 

In 2019, I advise that you are actively involved in the development of the total you as this is the main recipe for success. 




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