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Revamp Your Fitness Goals With These 3 Factors


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Mike here,

Have you ever wondered why only a small percentage of individuals achieve their fitness goals? In order for a home to keep standing during the rain or a storm there has to be a strong foundation established.


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Revamp Your Fitness Goals With These 3 Factors

     Factor 1 (The Spirit) The spirit within us gives us a foundation. It helps establish purpose in life and assists in motivating each of us to personal growth. Spirituality helps to guide us to respect each other, display moral and good behavior. Developing our spirituality improves our quality of life and gives us a great sense of inner peace.

      Factor 2 (The Mind)– Our minds need intellectual stimulation for growth. We need to gather emotional strength through personal self acceptance,self image, gain self awareness as well as thorough positive relationships with others. We need to change the way we think and rewrite the scripts which have been embedded in our minds either from our child hood or recent situations. Find a healthy way to balance emotional well being so that it doesn’t affect the second key factor below “The Body”. Think of your mind as computer. In order for a computer to operate well you need to upgrade it frequently and you need to have an anti virus.

      Computer                                                           l               Mind

  • -Download helpful programs                      – Gain more knowledge by reading often
  • -Install anti virus                                      -Protect yourself from external factors
  • -Clean up unnecessary files                       -Take time to reflect
  • -Auto Correct                                           -Watch how you speak or react

Factor 3 (The Body)- The body can sometimes be a reflection of our mind. Depending on your mentality or mental conditioning you can achieve any realistic physique. Our bodies gain strength through physical activities and exercise. If you continue to challenge yourself mentally & physically, the bodies will constantly change and adapt progressively. This response is what keeps us healthy and able to meet the demands of each day.

Use these tips to help develop and guard your personal goals. Feel free to share this post with a friend on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for your support.

Fitness Expert Mike,




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