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No joke!! Get Paid To Shop For Groceries-Cash back


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Paid for groceries

Update on my checkout 51 account FRIDAY,JUNE 30/2017:

It seem`s these days that the price for goods just keeps increasing. I recently discovered two companies that help customers save on essential products.  Snap by groupon  and Checkout 51 are two of the leading cash back brand name product companies that pay you to shop. Helping you save money on popular brands.

So far i`ve  earned a combined total of  $262 using Snap by groupon and checkout 51. You can see a screen shot of  one my accounts below.


checkout 51


This is how it works. First step is to download the app (snap by groupon) . Step two, scroll through the offer`s to see which is best suited for you. Common offers include bread, eggs, coffee, cleaning products etc. Step three, when you go shopping remember to purchase a valid offer from snap by groupon. New Valid offers are updated every week. So that gives you a week to purchase an offer. Step four, after you`ve purchased a valid offer save your receipt. Using your smart phone open the app click snap receipt. Snap a picture of your receipt, tap done, select the offer on the receipt and claim it. Your offer will be reviewed and processed within 48 hours. Once the offer has been review your account will be credited with the cash back amount.

Checkout 51 -Paid for groceries Toronto-Truelifefitness


I normally purchase an offer which is already on sale. Example, below there is an offer for bread at $1.00 cash back. During your trip to the grocery store you may notice that bread is already on sale for $1.00. This would mean you`d receive the bread for FREE.

Here is a snap shoot of one of my checks:

snap by groupon

Create your Snap by groupon account today and get paid to shop at the grocery store. Click here or visit Snap by groupon


snap by groupon-Truelifefitness


Repeat the same process with checkout 51. Visit the link below and get paid to shop







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