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Ronnie Coleman


Today I was privileged to meet a Legend in Bodybuilding.  Eight time former Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman.   Ronnie Coleman brought a unique style to bodybuilding similar to the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has created popular phrases now used by many in the gym like ‘’ LIGHT WEIGHT’’, ‘’YEAAA BUDDY’’, ‘’AINT NOTHING BUT A PEANUT’’ OR ‘’ THAT WAS LIGHT’’.  Ive learned that Ronnie says these short phrases prior to his set to sike himself up or in other words mentally prep himself for a set.  Weight training is %90 percent mental and %10 physical.  Mental preparation is a key with everything in life. It`s similar to studying for an exam, Miss America Pageant prepping for her T walk and Interview or sinking a gaming winning shot in a basketball game. I`ve often mentioned to my clients that if you can make a mind to body or mind to weight connection you`ll be able to win any battle in the gym. This type of mental preparation takes consistent practice at visualizing yourself being the victor. It`s also a belief system which you tell yourself that you have the ability to overcome whatever`s in front of you. This way of thinking has to be done on a frequent basis for you to overcome.  I became a firm believer in this way of thinking when I went to battle with an exercise called barbell Deadlifts a year ago. My pre set prep is nothing compared to Ronnie`s but I was definitely stomping the ground to get myself going.  This was the heaviest weight I had ever lifted with this particular exercise. I felt like I was some sort of super human being.  The feeling I experienced during the set was unimaginable. I say this because I noticed that only my mind was present at that moment. I didn’t feel my body fatigue or any sort of tuff resistance during the set.  As I was lifting the barbell I felt like I was a robot just going through the motions.  After the set I had realized how powerful the MIND really is.

Many of us under estimate the power that we possess within our minds.  Don’t under estimate it…. keep BELIEVING and practice MENTAL VISUALIZATION.

Michael Kelly

Personal Trainer Toronto




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