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The Impact Of Healthy Values Part 2




Values Part 2

A big part of being a Toronto Personal Trainer involves helping clients uphold their health and fitness values, not to mention my own. In doing this, I have noticed some patterns that are essential to upholding values, be they physical or otherwise. If you are interested in making sure that you are doing your values justice, try out the following steps.

1. Identify: The first step to upholding your values is simple: find out exactly what your values are! Start by writing down the most important things in your life on a piece of paper: Your faith, family, friends, lifelong learning, you name it. You will likely find that your values start flowing thick and fast.

2. Prioritize: Once you’ve got a list jotted down, try prioritizing it to find out what is most important to you. Number the items on your list until you have discovered the top few items. A good number to start with is three – not overly limiting, but not overwhelming either.

3. Set: Now that you’ve identified your top three values, it’s time to set some rules. Make a list of things that you need to do to uphold the values that you’ve written down. The rules will vary based on the value, but make sure that you only write down rules that you have a chance of actually following. Also, make sure that the list is short enough so that you can actually remember everything on it. Quality is more important than quantity, so three solid rules for each value is better than 20 so-so ones.

4. Adhere: After you have your values and rules set, it’s time to start adhering    to them. Uphold your values by following the rules that you’ve set for yourself. Try placing the list in a place where you will be forced to see it often, and check  it with yourself at least every week to make sure you are following your own rules.

5. Grow: After a time, you may find that you are used to following your rules and that you are able to do more. If this happens, feel free to modify your list to reflect your strengthened values. For example, if you’ve started working with a  Personal Trainer such as myself to uphold your fitness values, try adding more specific rules to your list, such as “Limit Desserts to Twice a Week.” It won’t be easy, but with strong values, you will be a stronger and better person.

Fitness Coach Mike,




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