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The Impact Of Healthy Values Part 1


Know your values-Truelifefitness

Values are an interesting thing. The term ‘values’ arise`s every so often, and I got to wondering what exactly the word meant. Find out what real values are, and how they can affect your fitness, your health, and your happiness.


What Does ‘Values’ Mean?


According to Merriman-Webster Dictionary, the word ‘values’ is simply a derivative of the word ‘value,’ which connotes “the relative worth, utility, or importance” of something. We are all familiar with the word ‘value’: we know that things that we value are things that we hold dear, things like our family, our beliefs, our bodies and minds. Values, as it turns out, can be quite easily defined in this manner. Anything that we value, that we hold dear, that we find is worth defending and cultivating, can generally coexist with the ‘values.’


But what Merriman-Webster fails to address is what ‘values’ actually means to most people: the rules that come along with something valuable. Wherever there are values, there are usually rules and conditions used to uphold those values. And following rules, of course, requires effort.

Know your values-Truelifefitness

What Kinds of Values Are There?


Working as a Personal Trainer in Toronto i have come to believe that value can play a sizeable role not just in physical fitness, but in mental and spiritual fitness as well. Here are the top three values that come to mind:


Health Values: Call me biased, but health and fitness values are extremely important. You only get one body, and caring for it plays a large role in your general wellbeing. The rules attaches to health values sound fairly simple – eat right and exercise. But, as we all know, that’s easier said than done. Like all values, upholding health values requires a bit of sweat and tears, but it’s well worth it.


Family Values: Perhaps the most used ‘values’ term, family values are generally accepted to be rules associated with running a healthy family. They have to do with making time for family activities, showing appreciation for family members, and remembering to call home to Mom and Dad once in a while. Family values are mostly about treating the family as one of the most important networks in your life – which, for many people, it is.


Personal Values: Everyone has their own personal rulebook that they live by, things that they think are important and worth adhering to. While they differ slightly for everyone, many people have personal values that overlap. Common personal values include honesty, generosity, perseverance, and the ability to walk past the snack food aisle in the grocery store.


Spend some time this month thinking about what your values are, and stay tuned to find out how to best implement your values in the next email on May 15th


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