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How To Make Healthy Choices While On Vacation



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Going away on vacation does not mean that you have to change your regular healthy lifestyle routine. Being in a different environment can make it seem natural to want to indulge but you don’t have to always give in to tempation. For me, A vacation is a time to unwind, relax and rejuvenate my spirit, mind and body. The key to staying on track while on vacation is to do what you would normally do at home. Give some thought to your day ahead, have a game plan and plan ahead.
What I recommend is plan your meals like you would if you where back at home. You are on vacation so try not to limit yourself to much. Be sure to stay active and do some form of cardio on a daily basis. Cardio does not only include using the hotel gym. You can incorporate cardio by going site seeing around the city or town, participating in outdoor or water activities. If your going to consume anything unhealthy aim to have it earlier in the day. This way you have the rest of the day to burn it off. Keep the evening meals healthy by sticking to lean protein and green veggies/salads.

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When I go on vacation I try not to deprive myself of foods I want to enjoy but i make sure that the ratio of healthy choices out weighs unhealthy choices. The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle on vacation is to practice balancing what you eat and incorporating some sort of physical activity. Here’s an example of my daily routine while I’m on vacation.

  1. If I’m away on a beach resort i normally go for a long walk on the beach before breakfast. After my walk ill have breakfast and go for eggs with salad and fruit.
  2. I then take some time to relax and read on the beach or do mid morning activities.
  3. After mid morning actives ill have lunch consisting of lean protein, extra veggies, a small amount of carbs to fuel my day. This is were i may sneak in a small treat.
  4. After lunch i may head back to the beach to relax/read or go for a second round of afternoon activities.
  5. Once i return from afternoon activities ill prepare to have an evening meal. Dinner choices normally include lean protein and veggies/salad. Also throughout the day ill have a couple bottles of water.

This is a basic example of how i make healthy choices while on vacation. So you see it’s not that hard at all. However, since i have a habit of making healthy choices back at home, making choices while away isn’t really difficult .




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