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Immune Booster: Ginger and Turmeric Tea


Health benefits of ginger and turmeric tea

Ginger and Turmeric tea has to be one of my favourite go to recipes to help remedy a cold or flu. Any one of my clients would say the same because its the first natural remedy i refer to them to when they are on the verge of getting sick. Ginger and Turmeric have many health benefits individually but together it makes an amazing immune boosting tea. It has been widely used throughout history for both culinary and natural medicinal purposes. Ginger and Turmeric are widely used and popular  in indian, asian and west indian cultures.

Ginger root-truelifefitness

Ginger is a part of the Zingiberaceae plant family. Depending on how its prepared it can have a mild to a hot and spicy taste when consumed. In the natural medicinal world ginger has been known to have health benefits used relieve diarrhea, nausea, gas. It has also been used as a natural remedy treatment for colds,respiratory symptoms or inflammation.  Ginger has also been used to boost the immune system, help reduce bad cholestral, lower the risk of blood clotting and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.


Turmeric is also apart of the same plant  family Zingiberaceae as ginger. Turmeric sometimes looks a little similar to ginger on the outside but they both can be visibly distinguished internally. Below the skin surface ginger has a light yellow looking colour while turmeric has an orange look. Turmeric has very similar health benefits to its cousin ginger. It has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits along with a strong compound called Curcumin . Inflammation is important for your health because it helps your immune system fight off harmful germs, but too much inflammation increases your risk of chronic diseases and weight gain. Adding an anti-inflammatory food like turmeric may help. Turmeric has been used as an attempted treat a variety of internal disorders, such as indigestion, throat infections and common colds.

Here’s how i prepare my favourite energy boosting cold and flu tea remedy.

Ingredients (use your distraction) 

  1. 3 cups of water
  2. 1 ½ inch of Turmeric Root
  3. 1 ½ inch of Ginger Root
  4. 1-3 tsp of unpasteurized honey (optional)


  1. Bring water to a boil
  2. You can slice the ginger but i prefer to grate it instead. Grating the ginger can help increase the potency.
  3. When preparing the turmeric id suggest wearing thin cooking gloves to protect again staining your fingers. Grate the Turmeric to really refine pieces
  4. Add both grated ginger and turmeric to boiling water
  5. Turn temperature down cover the pot and let the liquid simmer for 5 minutes. (Optional)
  6. add honey to tea (Optional)
  7. Use a mesh strainer when sharing

Once you see the water change to an orange colour use the mesh strainer and pour the hot liquid into your mug, add 1 tsp of unpasteurized honey (optional).




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