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How Flexibility Can Improve Your Daily Life



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Do you under estimate the importance of flexibility? Have you  ever considered why you maybe be having tension headaches, feeling stressed or stiff around the joints?
Flexibility means being able to have the ability to move through a full range of motion. Having flexibility in your muscles allows you to have more movement around the joint area.

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Poor flexibility affects the way joints function and how the body moves. Lack of flexibility has been linked to hip and lower back pain, shoulder pain, tension headaches, knee pains, lack of energy or overall fatigue.

Stretching will help improve daily tasks like walking up stairs, lifting, reaching for an object, playing with children or your performance in the gym. It also helps to reduce tension around the neck area, reduces risk of injury, increases balance, stability and coordination. Also for those of you who sit with a hunched back. It will help promote better your posture.

Tools Used for stretching

• A Fitness Coach or Partner
• A Towel
• An Exercise band
• A Ballet bar
• The Floor or wall

Effective forms of stretching

There are many forms of stretching. My favorite types are static and dynamic stretching.

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Dynamic stretching is used mainly in sports. It involves using controlled movements and muscular effort to stretch. Examples include twisting side to side, walking high knees, arm circles, hip rotations or lunging exercises.

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Static stretching involves reaching and holding a certain position while at rest. While performing a static stretching you shouldn’t over exert yourself. Instead focus on breathing and stay relaxed. Hold each stretch for 15-45 sec depending on your goal. It also helps to warm up before you start a stretch routine.


We are all born with muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. With that being said, it is possible for you to improve your range of motion. It just takes consistency and effort. Like anything in life you have to put in effort, make time and sacrifice a little to see results.

Here is an example of a few basic stretches you can do daily to improve your flexibility.

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Take 10 minutes out of the 24 hours you have in a day to improve your flexibility. Most importantly you have to be patient and be consistent.

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