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Weight Loss Success Story: Challenges & Advice



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Follow the Challenges & Advice from Ruth`s fitness journey towards a healthier way of life. Ruth explains any challenges she has faced and how she over came them.
Sept ( Last week )

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

Ever since I let go of the pattern of a particular
relationship, I feel much lighter and it is interesting how quickly I’ve been
able to lose the weight. I still have
some challenges with my food but I’ve noticed I’m not craving as much,
etc. Also, as I let go of that pattern,
someone else has come into my life which brings excitement and it’s own
challenges which I welcome with the Warrior spirit that is within me. At the same
time, focusing on the nutrition I
need to sustain the battle. Lolll

I feel like I’ve stepped into another stage in my life where
honoring myself is becoming a priority.
One of the things I learned this week was to detach myself. I notice when I’m with
people, I can take on
what they’re feeling and this includes relationships with men and this has made
me aware how important it is to detach myself from others. This means to love and
care for others but
without losing your energy or yourself to them.
To learn who YOU truly are and be aware when you’re stepping away from
that and taking on what is others. It
can happen so very subtly which makes it more crucial to keep on the forefront
of anything you do and feel.

I want to thank all of you for this journey we’ve been on for
these several weeks. I didn’t accomplish
what I initially planned when I first started which was to lose weight and gain
more of my health back but I feel, I’ve accomplished much more than that…a
foundation to create all that I want to accomplish in my life going
forward. The foundation is learning more
about my process, struggles, coping mechanisms, things that impact me and how I
respond to them, my avoidance techniques and how to redirect myself, and most
importantly, learning to appreciate myself with all my “faults”. Faults are in
quotes because as much as they
may appear my faults, it’s what made me the person I am today with the ability
to see into them and transform them when I choose to. It’s always a choice….like
everything else in
life. So what do you choose or as I have
on a personal business card…”What path with you take?” I’ve taken the path of
transformation and I
thank you all for this opportunity to share this part of myself with you.
Expressing myself has always been a challenge
since I’ve always held things in and these weeks have helped me to outwardly
express myself, all of myself…well maybe not all. Lolll

Thank you both Michael Kelly (personal trainer) and Karen
Hack (Naturopath) for this opportunity and most of all for all of your support,
care, compassion and the list goes on!!!!
I’ve been truly blessed to work with both of you!!!!

Advice from Ruth:

Learn who you truly are and accept all the things that make and
have made you who you are today. Transform
the areas that restrict you and reach out for those that excite you. Love others
while keeping yourself detached
which will help you to help others in a more powerful way.

Lastly, eat well, exercise, sleep, strategize, and feed your
soul because you need to be prepared for the next battle ahead!!!!! Much detached
love, Ruth :

August (week 16 )

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

I have continued going out a lot more socially which has put
a dent in eating healthy since I’m still working on getting back on track from
last week so I eat healthy while I’m at home but my social meals have been very
high calorie meals. I’m walking more and
still trying to take the stairs or jog up my apartment stairs when I go home. In
order for me to get back on track, I know
I need to sleep more and have my shakes in the morning which are two things
that have not been consistent this last week.

I want to focus this week’s posting on patterns. This last weekend, I noticed a
pattern of
mine that can take me into a depressive, tiring/draining state which can lead
to non activity and eating much more. This pattern is going out with a specific
person. We usually go out, drink a lot
and drama ensues, go to bed very late (about 4 or 5am) which then causes me to
sleep my day away. I tend to be a
thinker so I over analyze everything.
Therefore, my next day would be focused on the drama that occurred the
night prior and what part I played in it.
I do enjoy the time I spend with this person (occasionally) but I realize
that this connection is no longer good for me.
So this time when I received the invite, I graciously declined and
consciously have made the decision that I will begin distancing myself from this

When I woke up the next morning, I felt great about my
decision and had even more energy than I did the night before and was able to
accomplish many things/people I needed to do and see. It’s amazing how good you
can feel when you
recognize a particular self destructive pattern and STOP IT! It’s taking your power
back and you feel
stronger to move on with your life. This
topic is somewhat similar to last week’s topic on protecting your energy. Sometimes
we need to let something go (a
dream, a desire for a different outcome,
the time invested), to gain something of much more value…ourselves, our deepest
desires and what we deserve!!!

Advice from Ruth:

Become aware and break free of those patterns that hold you
back. Focus on being happy in your life
and you’ll see what patterns of behavior or people which no longer fit! Then fill
in the gap of what you are letting
go of, with something that excites you!!!!

August (week 15 )

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

Week 15

This week I started incorporating more exercise into my day
without pushing anything that can harm my knees/IT band. I walked the parking
stairs versus the
elevator, tried jogging up my two long flights of stairs to my apartment, went
dancing, had a great work out session with Michael Kelly which felt like the
old me (the energetic side). I ate well
during the week and felt I was getting into the healthy groove. So why the gain?
Again, a mixture of things and the main one being
social get-togethers. I love them but
sometimes all I need is a little outing to bring me back to my bad habits. I had a
great time with a friend of mine on
the Friday night and ate more than I should have and went to bed late and woke
up in the morning with little sleep to go back out again with another friend
and then to see family members. Well,
that was all it took. I ate fatty foods
most of the day.

I was then asked by a family member to do energy work on
them since they found it helped the last time so I did some focused work during
my visit with them. Right when I started,
I got a strong feeling of being drained even though I was still feeling upbeat
prior to getting to their place. She
felt better but my energy felt drained so I spent the rest of the weekend
trying to regain it back. I’m
continuously learning to protect my energy when I use my grandmother’s
technique which is clearing the individual through myself, whereas with Reiki,
the energy work doesn’t affect me but I don’t find the healing affect as
strong/quick for the client as I do when I use my grandmother’s way. Each time, I
seem to be shortening the length
of time it affects me which is great since my grandmother only cleared it
through lots of sleep.

This also takes me to the topic of how those around us can
drain our energies without us actually doing any energy work…in actual fact,
doing energy work on ourselves can help clear our moods. When others are around
you, do you feel
uplifted, happy, content, neutral or do you feel, tired, drained, exhausted,
upset after you’ve been with someone?
This is something to pay attention to.
How do you protect YOUR energy when you’re with these individuals? How can you
conserve your energy while in
contact with these individuals? Some of
these people you will still need to be in contact with them such as family
members or coworkers. So how do you
ensure your energy stays intact?

On another topic, Eleanor Healy, Holistic Nutritionist, of
Head To Toe Health Centre offered to meet with me when she saw my postings to
see if she can assist me with my process.
I was reluctant at first since I’ve seen many people throughout the
years regarding diet/weight loss/healthy eating and I know what to eat to be
healthy and to lose weight. My biggest
challenge is staying motivated through emotional breakdowns, doing the work
needed and keeping it as a top priority.
I decided to go and have an open mind because there is always something
you can learn.

She did an assessment of some ongoing physical concerns and subtle
symptoms that you might not think would affect anything. She then informed me what
the top areas are
of concern or what can impact those issues.
She included menu plans, exercise that would help those specific areas
as well as food and some spiritual practices.
I have been through similar processes in the past so a lot of this was a
reminder for me which was great since we all need reminders. I decided to share my
process with you since
some of you may not have had the privilege of going through something
similar. It can be very helpful for
those who aren’t sure what to eat to optimize the way their body functions, etc. . I
also plan on trying some of the recipes since they are healthy/quality foods
and look pretty tasty.

Advice from Ruth:

Keep an open mind, be aware of how those around you affect
your energy and on your cheat days, try not to over indulge because there might
be a domino effect.

August (week 14 )

Hi Everyone, I’m feeling great, relaxed and enjoyed the long weekend! I hope you
all did too!!!.

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

I have started more regularly eating well but my social
events continue to be an issue since I have a hard time seeing and not wanting
some of the fatty choices. I’ve still
been managing my health by eating healthier the other times and also trying to
make reasonable choices in regards to the fatty foods. For instance, instead of
getting chicken
fingers with poutine, I chose to just go for the chicken fingers since it had
some protein (even though it’s not quality).
Small choices but big differences in both weight loss, health and in
feeling less lethargic.

I also planned my meals for the first half of the week and
chose decent meals for the remaining and ensured I had healthy snacks like
cherries, peppers with a light veggie dip, nuts, etc. I’ve been consistently having my
healthy/medicinal shake in the morning and trying as much to include my veggie

I noticed one thing that assisted me in eating healthy was
meeting with a client to do energy work.
Whenever I know I’m meeting with a client, I ensure I eat healthy to
feel clear while doing the work. It’s
something I believe is important. I
mentioned this to a friend of mine and as I did, I thought how interesting it
is to want to be “clear” for someone else but not for myself. How many times do we
do things to help others
but don’t do those same things for our own well being?

Next challenge:
Adding more exercise without impacting my joints/inflammation too much
so I can continue on this healthy regime.

Advice from Ruth:

Continue to consistently do those things that help in your
health goals while working on those aspects that aren’t where you would like
them to be. Also, look at what you do
for others and implement that within yourself!

Hi Everyone, Here goes:

August (week 13 )

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

My challenge this week was eating dinner out with a friend
that I hadn’t seen for a while. We went
to a great Cuban restaurant and decided to eat/share from the Tapas menu
(several smaller dishes). The food was
great and we had healthy choices in quality of food but we had a lot of avocado
which can be high in fat…good fat, but fat nonetheless. I didn’t manage my portions
so as much as it
was “good” food, too much of a good thing can create a bigger belly and make me
tired. Given that I wanted to enjoy
myself that evening with the delicious, quality food, I chose not to eat
dessert…which is a shocker since I will usually skip the meal to enjoy the
dessert!!! We also walked to and from
the restaurant which is about a 30 minute walk.
I then tried to manage my meals on the weekend.

I finally did the dreaded grocery shopping this last weekend
and cooked food and created snacks for
the upcoming week. That is a challenge
that I have finally accomplished…actually,
two since cooking isn’t a strength of mine. I’ve been in great spirits and I look
forward to pushing myself further to another loss next week!!!

Advice from Ruth:

Manage your portions and if that’s not a desired option for
you, manage how you compensate for it!
Also, push yourself to do something you don’t like to do and you’ll feel
great once you’ve done it. Grocery
shopping and cooking were mine this week but I feel great that I’ve done it
because it sets my next week up for success.

Hi Everyone, Here is this weeks update….it’s only going up from here!!!!! 🙂

July (week 12 )

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

I planned on getting groceries this last weekend but I didn’t. I chose to rest my
body instead. This doesn’t sound great but I had a week
that has pushed me forward. I realized
from the Anger Intensive that I need an outlet for the anger, etc that I tend
to bottle up so I joined an 8 week class of boxing. A gym I previously trained in,
called me up
to see if I’d like to try out a boxing session at no cost and if I was
interested in it, I can join the 8 week class they are having. I had my doubts due
to my knees and my lower
back acting up these last two weeks but I decided to do it and do it at the
pace I felt comfortable with. It was
great! I missed boxing quite a lot and
didn’t realize how much until I started punching. It released a lot for me and got
me fired up with
the power to push myself forward.

The next day, my feet, lower back and knees were in pain,
some were muscle soreness and others were my normal arthritis issues but
accentuated. After some consideration, I
decided the strength and motivation the boxing gave me outweighed the
pain. I decided to look at several
options to help alleviate the pain while I box.
This weekend reinforced how powerful sleep and water is. I didn’t eat the
healthiest since I didn’t
have much food in my place just remaining junk but I focused on my shakes, lots
of sleep and water. I felt MUCH better
by Sunday. Also, I had gone out dancing
on the Friday night which exaggerated the issues even more to the point I had a
hard time walking. So Saturday and
Sunday was to recuperate, study and continue the motivation to BOUNCE
BACK! Thanks Michael Kelly for sending
those links of the Pastors. I listened
to both and continued watching other ones.

So the Warrior’s back and ready to battle with an excitement
that hasn’t been there in a while. Thank
you Michael Kelly and Karen Hack for always being there for me and supporting
me through the dark, dreary times and the exciting ones. The two of you have been a
strong force in
helping me through my journey…not just in health but all areas of my life. It is
truly appreciated!!!!! To everyone who has been reading these weekly
articles, thank you too because writing these have been healing for me all onto

Advice from Ruth:

Kick butt!!!!! Look at what might need to be released from
within yourself and find the outlet to do it without harming anyone. The most
powerful ones for me are boxing and
dance….find yours! Also, tend to your
body to ensure it doesn’t collapse because without it, it will be hard to
accomplish the things you deserve and that are waiting for you.

July (week 11 )

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

My challenge this week was to take the steps to get back on
track with healthy food. I did not
accomplish it since I was still dealing with the emotional aspects of the week

As part of my Spiritual Psychotherapy course, we need to
attend a group therapy session. I chose
to take the Anger Management Intensive which was this past weekend for the full
two days. This is not something I was
ever comfortable with…being in front of a group of people, let alone, share
deep issues from the past that created who I am today (both great qualities and
the ones that hold me back from my dreams).
I got the courage and did it. It
was an amazing healing experience….once I let my defenses down. J

Even though it is called Anger Management, we dealt with whatever
issues arose that needed to be dealt with.
Some of which were emotional/grief aspects versus Anger. I’m sharing this with you
because I believe
this has helped me to take positive steps to make the necessary small changes
in my life that I need at this point.
They say that your external surroundings are a reflection of what is
happening with you internally. So if your
apartment is a mess, you’re a mess internally.
You clean your apartment, you’ll clear stuff within you and vice
versa. I’ve actually noticed this in the
past and this weekend was a perfect example.
Last night (Monday), I finally cleaned up my apartment which I’ve been
wanting to do for a few weeks now. In
addition, I came into the office and cleared up my desk of piles of paperwork…some
of which just needed to be filed away. I’ve
been struggling with both just as much as I’ve been struggling with my
diet. Is everything perfect, no, but so
aren’t I – I’m just perfect as I need to be today! I feel clear, lighter and ready
for the next
challenge that I haven’t been able to accomplish the last few weeks….the
dreadful, healthy grocery shopping!!!!!

Advice from Ruth:

When you can’t get into a healthy routine even though you know
what to eat and all the things you should be doing….something just holds you
back from doing it, it’s time for a different strategy. Changing if from just
trying to force
yourself to eat those things to paying attention to what your body is in need
of…a good looking within to clear some of the emotional blocks that hold you
back or that need your attention at that time.
The more you ignore your body’s
needs (emotional or otherwise), the more the endless desire to eat what tears
your body apart will continue. If you
have any questions about the intensive or anything else, please feel free to
send me a note.

July (week 10 )

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

My challenge this week is similar to some of my other ones….my mood/depression and I also saw a specialist of mine where the news on a medical issue was worse than I had believed it to be. This time

I asked specific questions to understand fully what I’m dealing with regarding a health issue of mine. When I left, I thought I was handling it really well…like a business deal with no emotion attached to it. Then….a friend of mine, who has similar issues but distinct, called me to see how it went and while I shared it with her, I broke down. I feel like a dream of mine is slowly being shattered. Actually, it felt like it was shattered.

I believe in signs, omens, etc. and during this week, I seen a book at two different instances that was called “The book of Miracles”. While I spoke with my friend over the phone, I looked up to a statue of Mary that I have and the first thought that came to me, was that book…”The book of MIRACLES”. I choose to believe in MY miracle. I’ve had several already that brought me to where I am today and I choose to believe that there is more to come. So how did I shake out of this sadness? I found inspiration and I shopped. Haha! I didn’t have much of a summer wardrobe since I fluctuate in weight often and I didn’t have anything for my current weight. I had originally planned to be a hermit during the summer until my last black pair of pants ripped just the other day (I’d call this another sign). I went shopping specifically for a pair of black pants and a pair of jeans (I have several issues finding pants that can fit properly and I can only shop in Plus stores). I was able to find several pairs which is rare and then found colorful tops that I decided to buy (I usually wear black). I’ve seen this as an Opportunity to brighten up my spirits and enjoy the summer.The inspiring part of what broke me out of my doom and gloom was looking for something that inspires me to bigger and brighter things. I decided to make the plunge and take action into creating my own business as an intuitive healer. I spoke to a contact of mine who is helping me with the start up aspects that I’m not fond of while I look at my passion for healing.

Advice from Ruth:

Sometimes when we are down and low, we neglect to see the signs that are calling out to us if we can only look up, even for just a second, to see
the truth. As Michael Kelly has on his tag line “Believe and you will Succeed”. Choose to believe and take action on what you are passionate about…the accomplishment of your dreams will soon follow. On a funny but true note, brighten up your wardrobe and you might just
brighten up your outlook!

Create YOUR Miracle – YOU DESERVE IT!!!!
July (week 9 )

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

I was stuck this week.I felt drained, tired, unfocussed, and struggled with the heat. Most people love the hot weather….I don’t. It makes me feel more lethargic and sleepy. So by Thursday, I had tried doing several things to boost my mood and energy and it didn’t feel like it was working. I remembered feeling like that before and my Naturopath, Karen, gave me a homeopathic remedy that helped me breakthrough this similar feeling. I had some leftover of two types we worked with in the past and since she was on vacation, I decided to look into both remedies to see which fit my issues the most so I took that one. I went for a nap and woke up 2 hours later feeling focused and my concentration was strong. I felt out of my “stuck” feeling.

The next evening, I worked out with my Personal Trainer Michael Kelly and as always, he helped to motivate me which created a desire to improve. He also helped me to see how I’ve waivered a lot and have not been focused on my weight loss goals even though this is something I really want. This weekend, I decided to pay some attention to re-examining my goals and how I would start attaining them since I have not been doing that lately….I am still proud of what I have accomplished because I could have done so much worse like I have in the past where I’ve gained 10 pounds in one week. However, this isn’t acceptable and I need to do something about it.

Advice from Ruth:

Sometimes when you’re struggling, you need an extra kick or help from an expert like Michael or Karen to get you through those “stuck” moments where it may feel that it is out of your capacity to improve. Conditions such as depression, chronic fatigue, etc. can be instances where an expert can be of help or if there is just something you have a hard time breaking through. Get the help!

June (week 8 )

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

My challenge this week was not getting enough sleep and not knowing my limits. During the week, I struggled to get enough sleep and was in class all weekend which made it difficult to make up for it. Knowing how tired I was and knowing how sleep is very important to keep me on track, I still decided to go out on the Saturday evening with a friend to catch up and have my god daughter (over 20yrs of age) over my place until close to 1am to go to class the next day. So this weekend, I ate a lot of junk food because the lack of sleep made me tired, drink much less water, and weakened my resolve to fight my cravings which resulted in the gain in weight. Due to the Sodium intake through fast food, sweets, processed foods, my feet and ankles were swollen from water retention. It got pretty bad yesterday especially with all the heat the last several days that I felt the need to take a water pill prescribed by my doctor which I haven’t done in a long time. I try my best not to take it as it causes issues with the kidneys after time. I forgot that I could have had Dandelion Leaf tea instead of the pill since it is a natural way of dealing with the water retention.

Advice from Ruth:

I’ve already said this….get your rest! The second part is to know your limits….if You’re tired and you know that it negatively impacts you, don’t book more Events to get you to exhaustion, instead, plan it for another day where you can be fully there for them and honoring yourself in the process.

June (week 7)

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

This was the week where I was to take my health regime up a few notches and was faced with instances where I was brought down a few. At the beginning of the week, I met up with a teacher of mine who has been battling cancer at the hospital and he informed me that he’s been given 3 months to live. As much as we were a teacher/student relationship, we also slowly started to become friends. This was not good news to hear. I left there to receive a message on my phone that my oldest brother, which I’m extremely close to, is in the hospital with an issue with his lungs that is also affecting his heart. He’s a smoker and does not eat well. Most of my evenings and the weekend was in the hospital so I didn’t work out at all this last week. The first evening, I ended up having a donut to just get something into my system until I got home. Yes, I know that’s not the only reason…the stress of both situations got to me. But the great news is as I was leaving, I decided to look at the food court at the hospital to see what my options were for food for the upcoming days so that my only means of food wasn’t donuts. I saw a Booster juice and a Subway and knew within those two, there are healthier choices. Throughout the week, I had my veggie juice, Mr. Sub (healthy choices with less fat and small portions) and tried to eat well during the day at work. Also, I brought a protein bar for those moments where I couldn’t get away from my brother to eat. It wasn’t easy and still would have something sweet but it would be something small to quench the desire. After a few days, I noticed I hadn’t been drinking as much water and the cravings were starting to hit more so I focused on bring more water with me to drink regularly. Even though I couldn’t weigh myself with Michael this week, I did lose weight.

Advice from Ruth:

When stuck with a situation where food court is your only option, look for the best
choices. Also, don’t let stressful situations be an excuse to indulge in fatty
foods but instead, gain your power to choose the foods best to keep yourself in
optimal form to help yourself and others through what lies ahead.
If you have questions for Ruth feel free to post a comment below

May (week 6)

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

This week I had several personal issues that came up one of which, was my mom having
to stay over since it wasn’t safe to stay at her place on the Monday night. I
didn’t sleep that night which got me to have my mocha in the morning. Yes, I broke!
I also have been having issues with my arthritis which affects my hips, knees and
ankles and have been limited in my working out. My depressive mood had also been at
play just previous and part of the week. During this time I knew I wouldn’t have
the strength in the morning to fight the mocha so I decided that to help with my
issues, I would still have the medicinal shake in the morning and try to do well
with my lunches and dinners but keeping my dinner extra light to compensate for the
extra calories taken in the morning and the times I went for my chocolate. So in
the evening I would also have a second round of my medicinal shake (includes
protein) along with some healthy veggies, or light snacks.

My very supportive Naturopath (Karen) and I decided to include a higher dose of my
“mood” supplements to help me with my depressive moods. I had previously tried
going off of them but did it on my own and abruptly instead of a gradual process. I
also decided to go for a Reiki session since all of my body from the waist down
seemed to be having issues. Reiki always makes me feel better. At the end of the
week, Michael (my great trainer) and I had a discussion about how I was allowing too
many things to get in the way of my success and discussing what/how we can change it
so I can have a breakthrough. I am making changes that help me, as you read in my
blogs, but I’m doing mediocre compared to what I’m capable of. Those are my words
not his….he would never say that. Also, I’ve been feeling like a fraud lately
because here I am doing this blog and working with my Naturopath on facebook posting
with the desire to help others and I’m not giving it my all. So it’s time to take
it up several notches. I also ask everyone to do the same for yourselves….take it
up several notches! Bring out all your ammunition that you’ve learned in the past
to succeed and use it!
Advice from Ruth:

When several things start to cave in or go wrong in your life, look at other ways to
compensate for it, revive it, get the support you need, challenge your beliefs, and
CHOOSE to make a change to take yourself further than you believe possible at the
time. I look forward to hearing about how you’ve succeeded by taking it up several

May (week 5)

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

On the weekend I had a confirmation to go to for my younger cousin which included dinner
and deserts…lots of deserts which is my favorite part of any party. So much so, I
can do without the dinner and just have the deserts. Also, I felt pretty drained
that day before even going to the party so that in itself was a challenge. I forced
myself to get up and go. When I got there, I decided to forego the alcohol (that
was never an option before since I loved to drink, especially at parties) since I
knew I would want desert. I tried to manage myself during the meal by not having
any bread, ensuring I had salad on half of my plate, and enjoying my favorite items
they had to offer which was a codfish and rice dish. Sounds a little healthy but
the cod fish was fried with light oil, fries, egg mixture. Then when desert came, I
decided on only two deserts whereas previously, I would have whatever I wanted. It
wasn’t easy looking at them and wanting them but I thought of how I still enjoyed
myself without overindulging. Did I gain weight? Yes, but compared to what I
normally would…I did pretty good. Oh and the other challenge was being asked by
the kids to come for left overs the next day. How could I say no to that? I still
continued to manage that as well. Next time, I’ll try going for only one desert at
a smaller portion as well as the food with the potentiality of being invited over
for left overs.

Advice from Ruth:

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before….Go in with a plan! Think of what you might expect at a dinner party and find strategies to enjoy yourself without going overboard! If you end up eating a little more than you originally planned, include that in your strategy planning for the next event and put it behind you….just like the event. Have a great successful week everyone and if you have a strategy you find extremely useful, feel free to respond thanks.
May (week 4)

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

I had some emotional things come up from the long weekend regarding a person in my life which sent me to ice cream (usually the bucket). As I was eating it, I finally stopped and thought “wait why should I let this person have this much impact on my life where I damage myself.” I finished a bit more and put the rest of it away. This way I enjoyed the ice cream without overindulging in it. Thankfully, the strategies from the last few weeks gave me the strength to stop and think about why I was eating and the impact it would have on me. In order to stop my constant thinking about the weekend, I consciously decided to focus on the things in my life I enjoy and feel passionate about doing, like my intuitive energy healing work. I did an exercise for my own healing and then did some distant energy work on the list of people who have given me their approval to practice on. I then felt great and was able to put the situation behind me. I’m doing much better with my eating than I have been the last few weeks oh and I haven’t had any mocha’s this week.

Advice from Ruth:

Stop and think of the impact that the food or behavior will have on you and your desired goals.
Then refocus and grab a hold of what you’re most passionate about and do it – DO IT FOR YOU!!!!
May (week 3)

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

I am not fully back on track this week and still struggle with some of the types of food I’m eating especially since I’ve never really liked vegetables or fruit. Coming from a household that ate more
fatty foods and carbs, there was no desire to eat the healthy foods. I decided
along with my prayer and getting my rest, the next major step to help me get a
little further in my healthy lifestyle was to have a shake in the morning and if
time permitted, a veggie juice….yes, the food that I do not enjoy. Before I leave
for work, I drink what I call a medicinal shake. It is a powder I use to help
decrease my inflammation for my arthritis and whole food powder drink that has great
number of vitamins, protein, fiber and is very alkalining for the body. I combine
these powders with water. Yes, it is not tasty but I do it because I know the great
effects it has on my body. Then as I get to work, I grab a big veggie juice that
helps detoxify my body and set my day up. Did I eat perfectly the rest of the
day….absolutely not! However, I did much better than I did the last week or two
and more importantly my mood has changed and I feel more positive and energetic.
One other change this week was that I stopped drinking my large cafe mocha and I had
more energy in the morning. Do I miss my mocha….yes, but I miss being healthy

Advice from Ruth:

Find a nutritious breakfast that works for you and your health
requirements and ensure you eat it within 2 hours of waking up. It helps start your
day off to a healthier you and it fights off the cravings you might get during the


May (week 2)

Challenges Ive faced this week and how i over came them

It was an emotional week this week. It came from several areas from finding out a medical issue as gotten worse to the depression setting in and feeling a lack in my life of what I want most which brought me closer to my addiction for food. I’m an emotional eater and my will power was very low so I decided to allow myself the comfort food since it’s one of my strongest demons. Instead, I decided to put what little will I had into the most powerful force…prayer! Thanks to a terrific trainer (Michael Kelly) I realized my prayer ritual has gotten weak and I decided to focus on that this week. That first night, I had a huge emotional release that I have needed for a while and woke up the next day feeling so much better and stronger to make better decisions. It’s still a work in process.

Advice from Ruth:

Other than listen to your trainer, lollll……PRAY!!!!! With all your heart and
soul, PRAY!!!!! Whatever prayer is to you…the source where you go to, to regain
the strength and will that you feel you’ve lost. Don’t ever underestimate the power
of PRAYER!!!!

May (week 1)

Challenges ive faced this week and how i over came them

My challenge for this week was to actually get back on track since I fell off of my
healthy lifestyle and got deep into my addictive habits (junk food, laziness, etc).
I decided to take one step to start this process and one of the most crucial items I
find to jump start the process is to make time to sleep well and to have relaxing
personal time. I find when I do this, I’m more rested and can focus on my success
instead of running around exhausted and grabbing my mocha and junk food right in the
morning and throughout the day. I still had my junk in the morning but made better
choices than I did the week before. I also made sure I worked out 3 times during
the week even when my energy was weak.

Advice from Ruth:

When struggling, do one thing you know works best for you to jump start your regime to the
healthy lifestyle you truly deserve. Get your rest!






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