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Current Stat Update:

Starting Weight (May 2nd): 178.8 lbs

First Month (May 31st) : 168.8 lbs

(June 21st) : 160 lbs

Second Month (July 5th) : 154.8 lbs


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personal training Toronto

Why did you decide to make a healthy Life style change and why is it important to you?

I’ve been training with Mike since the beginning of May 2017. My weight at that time was  178.04. Since starting, Ive been training consistently for the past 4 weeks. I attribute the 10 lost to making smart choices with my nutrition, doing cardio daily and applying the knowledge that I’ve been receiving from Mike. Ill be honest the first month hasn’t been easy, I had set backs along the way but i didn’t let them stop me. Before my fitness journey started,i had made a decision to achieve my goal of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Now it’s the end of May and my weight is 168 pounds. I did this in 1 month with the help of Mike.
Theirs no stopping now……

If you could share two things which have enabled you to lose 8-10 lbs’s what would they be?

  • I Believe if you want something bad enough you will find the time to invest in it
  • I was mindful that there were going to be setback and challenges along the way. I learned from them, put them behind me and kept pushing forward.




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