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The Alkaline Body *Mike’s Top 10 list*-Online Fitness Coach


Alkaline Body-Truelifefitness personal training Toronto

Mike Here,

I recently sent out a blog post on how having and acidic body can have a negative impact on your health. Over the years through training clients and competing I’ve found that our body operates best when it`s in an alkaline state. The body generally tries to maintain a ph balance of around 7. Over consumption of acidic foods & drinks such as pop, processed sugar (candy, sweeteners), white bread, dairy, trans fats, alcohol and butter all assist in bringing the body towards an acidic state. The charts below will give you an idea of alkaline foods and acidic foods.

My top 10 list on what I experience and feel when my body is in an alkaline state

1. I notice pleasant Increase in energy and more mental clarity

2. My stress levels and decrease and I’m able to handle the daily challenges life may bring

3. My metabolism becomes more efficient. I’m able to burn fat quicker

4. My cardiovascular system operates much better. I don’t feel lethargic often

5. Sleeping patterns improve (deep sleep)

6. Less inflammation which may be caused from muscle soreness or joint pain

7. My immune system becomes a lot stronger and it`s able to ward off the common cold or flu

8. My digestive system improves. For those of you who aren’t regular, you`ll notice a change in that department

9. Incorporating more alkaline foods will definitely helps turn back the lock. You`ll feel and look a lot younger

10.Last but not least, I feel an overall sense of enjoyment and happiness about life

We need to take it upon ourselves to do research and be open to changing and forming new habits. We can no longer keep doing the same things and expecting different results.
Look at the chart bellow with the heading Acidic forming foods & Alkaline Foods. If you know much about them you`ll know that they can be two different lifestyles. Acidic being unhealthy and Alkaline being healthy. Acidic forming foods can create inflammation in the body which leads to low energy,slower thinking and may lead to sickness. On the other hand Alkaline forming foods have the opposite affect. Alkaline foods can regenerate the cells in your body, give you increased energy, focused thinking and boost your immune system and the list goes on.


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I hope you now of some understanding of the alkaline body. I encourage you to learn more about the importance of alkaline foods. I guarantee it`ll make difference in your health and lifestyle. Remember the key to life is finding a good balance of all things. Practice consuming a healthy ratio of foods.  Feel free to leave a comment below.

Eat Intelligent,




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