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How to Accomplish your health and fitness goals?


 Accomplish your health and fitness goals by keeping the FAITH

According to the dictionary the word FAITH means a complete trust or confidence in someone or something. I think it can also mean a belief that is not based on proof or perhaps the unseen.

As some of you may know I won my division and turned a Natural pro bodybuilder just a few months back in November of 2014. In that same year I had placed 2nd in a natural bodybuilding competition. I gave a brief testimony as what made this accomplishment possible read here Natural Pro Bodybuilder Michael Kelly. In the image below I created an illustration to show how faith played a big part in my success.

Take a leap of faith-truelifefitness


The illustration gives an idea of how drastic our goals can be in real life. You can definitely compare it to taking a leap of faith and jumping from one mountain to the next. Scary isn’t it!! Too many of us are content and stay on the edge and don’t take that leap of faith. But guess what? You won’t know until you try and plus you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

There are many factors that contribute to not taking that leap of faith. It`s up to us to build our faith and work towards taking that leap. I believe all of us have the power within us to make a change.  It`s during the trying times when we gain our faith, strength, trust, character, self-awareness, patience, overcome fear and develop consistency. Trying times can include setbacks, death, relationship problems, lost your job or even sickness.  Think about the challenges a butterfly faces during its transformation. Think about how it has to ruffles its feathers and use its power and strength to break through the cocoon.

patience and perseverance-truelifefitness


We can use the same metaphor of the butterfly and apply it to our lives. Take that leap of faith this week and overcome your fears by having faith in yourself.

Fitness Coach Mike,




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