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3 Ways To Live A More Balanced Life


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3 Ways To Live A More Balanced Life

Playing with my friends on the teeter totter in my younger days was so much fun. Trying to distribute our weight so that each of us would be suspended in the air for a brief moment in time brought so much joy to us. Practicing this distribution of weight in adulthood can be quite the challenge as well.

We all strive towards a better balanced life, but why is it so hard to achieve? How do you work towards achieving balance in your life? Here is a look at how i’ve developed a way to live a balanced life.

I’ve noticed that there are 3 common things that most people try to balance in life. They are relationships,work and money. We all have important things in life that we value,some have great priorities while others may not. Over the years i’ve learned what brings great balance to my life is focusing on these three components 1. my spirituality 2.my mind and 3. body. These 3 components are very important to me and i highly value them.

Spirituality– Enables me to have a sense of connection, helps to keep me grounded and work towards my purpose in life.

My Mind– Having a spiritual life gives me great clarity within my mind. Having this great clarity allows me to see the positive and negative aspects of life. It opens up room with in my mind to think clearly, dream big,increase my knowledge and have better vision for my future. It also shows me how setting limitations on my life, being in the right environment ,being fearful or having self doubt can somethings work against me.

My Body– I’ve developed an understanding that my body is a temple and that i have to take care of it or else it will deteriorate. Having more clarity within my mind allows me seek more knowledge about my body and the way it operates and reacts to daily life. This has allowed me to gain more consciousness about the importance of nutrition,exercise and rest . Making the right choices with food helps to increase my energy,gain more confidence and give me added strength during training sessions.
Paying close attention to my spirituality, my mind and body has helped me to take on all the challenges that life has to offer. I’m definitely more able to adapt and handle the ups and downs in life. Whatever defines your balance in life,keep working at it and keep refining it. Live a balanced life

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