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3 Ways To Build Amazing Legs *Woman*


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Lets start by saying some people have been genetically blessed naturally, but there is still hope for those who don’t have much to work with. For some reason in recent years the popularity around building glutes has increased dramatically. Before it was looked upon as something that wasn’t attractive to all of a sudden becoming a main attraction for woman. The rise in glute implants has sky rocketed and it has become such a great obsession. I’ve been receiving a lot of requests from women who only want to focus on training their glutes and legs.

By incorporating effective exercises and engaging in a proper eating lifestyle it’s possible to add shape and muscle tone to any area of your body not just the glutes. Its important to add a good variety of repetition and add resistance through weights of course.

Like building a house there are many components that go into its structure. One of the foundations to building a house is concrete. One of the main exercises for building great glutes is the good old fashion Squat. You may have been expecting some new exercise that can give you beautiful looking glutes in a week, but the truth is that performing squats will definitely help to reshape your glutes. There are many different type of squats or and different variation. When im training clients i like to use a variety of specific exercises to build muscle tone but i always use a squat exercise.

Step One

Nutritional Advice

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It’s important to start out with a good nutrition plan. Your nutrition should be balanced with adequate protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. It always sounds cliche but the key here is to be consistent. If you aren’t consuming proper nutrients consistently don’t expect much results.

Step 2

Resistance Training ( Squats)

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When performing a basic squat exercise stand with your feet shoulder width apart. The motion is similar to sitting on a chair or bench. Its a movement that we perform on a daily basis, sitting on a chair, bench, bed or couch. If you’re suffering from knee pain you can modify the exercise by shortening the range of motion. Practice this motion without weights first to get a good feel of the movement then add weights using a barbell, machine or dumbbells. If you use proper technique you’ll most likely feel a good muscle contraction in your quads, hamstrings and glutes. There are different techniques to squatting effectively. One of them is adding depth to the range of motion. This movement can be very challenging and id recommend this technique to those who are at an intermediate or advanced level of exercise.

Step 3

Cardio Training

If you`re hoping to get a firm butt, running is very effective for fat loss but it is the last thing you want to do to build a firm butt. The problem is that it tends to flatten out your glutes. As mentioned above some are blessed genetically and can get away with keeping a firm but with running. If you don’t believe me look at the body type a long distance runner vs a short distance sprinter. Some of the most effective types of cardio for building your glutes is sprinting, using the step mill and uphill walking. These 3 types of cardio will put more emphasis on muscles surrounding the glutes and will add more muscle definition. Out of the three types id have to go with the step mill as my top choice with sprinting right behind it.

Is it really that Simple? Yes it is, if you follow a structured program on a consistent basis you’ll achieve any goal you set forth.

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