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Past & Present Trainee’s *Thank You*

Thank You

The idea of giving back to the community and to change and affect lives is the reason why  i’ve been compelled to do what I do. My purpose and passion in life is to assist individuals to gain awareness and consciousness through making smart choices with nutrition and exercise. I have been very blessed to have had many opportunities to work with people who have embraced the holistic principles that i believe in.

Today id would like to say thank you for believing in me, thank you for taking a leap of faith, thank you for pushing me to grow on a personal and business level, thank you for being determined and opened to living a healthier life, thank you for giving a consistent effort.

Just last week one of my clients who has made a 360 turned with her health said to me. ” One day ill teach you something”. I told her “little do you know i learn from my clients all the time”. I know a lot about health and fitness but i don’t know everything. I believe we all have something unique to share and we can all learn from each other.

I truly love what i do and when i work with a client, my goal is to give my all during each training session. This is the end result of that effort:

personal training review

Continue to pursue and balance living a healthy lifestyle. Change your habits change your life. Enjoy the journey and believe that you can achieve any goal you envision. It’s in you, be empowered.