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Tips On How To Burn Off Summer Treats

 We were very fortunate to have an extended summer here in Toronto. Unfortunately its sadly coming to an end. In terms of results, I've...
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How Sleep Can Help With Your Diet

   How Sleep Can Help With Your Diet Diet and exercise are the two things that come to mind when talking about fitness. However, those two...
online fitness coach

How To Make Healthy Choices While On Vacation

 Going away on vacation does not mean that you have to change your regular healthy lifestyle routine. Being in a different environment can make...
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How The Power Of Visualization Helped Me To Transform

In the Summer of of 2014 i decided to take on a big challenge of becoming a natural pro bodybuilder. Some may not know...
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3 Ways Meditation Can Add Great Value To Your Fitness Goals And Life

 Your body and mind are not two separate entities—they work together to sustain you and are both important components of your overall health. Therefore,...

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