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The Alkaline Body *Mike’s Top 10 list*-Online Fitness Coach

Mike Here,I recently sent out a blog post on how having and acidic body can have a negative impact on your health. Over the...
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Water Fluoridation – Professional Perspectives On Flouride In Tap Water

A healthy Alternative to water fluoridation is alkaline water. see video alkaline water helps in maintaining and regulating the body’s function. The following are...

Common Drinks And Their PH Levels (Acidity)

What type of bottled water are you drinking? Bottle water can range on lower end of acidity. Drinking alkaline water helps balance the body and helps...
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The Acidic Body-Online Fitness Coach Mike

Mike Here,In the video below you`ll get an idea of how having an acidic body can have a negative impact on are lives. Body pH:...

Dr Robert Young On CNN About Alkaline Water/ Bottled Water?

Dr Robert Young On CNN About Alkaline Water .Learn how to rejuvenate your body and Mind. Online Fitness CoachingFitness Coach Mike, 
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