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How To Avoid Sabotaging Your Results When Eating Out At a Restaurant

During a trip to the grocery store you can choose to purchase only healthy foods to help you avoid the temptation. However, this isn’t...

First on the list for #1 Acidic Foods to Avoid (Video)

Mike Here,We joke about it, we rationalize weight gain because of it and it always gives us an excuse to have a second piece...
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How Alcohol Affects Fat Burning

Most people tend not to take alcohol into consideration when transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. Over consumption of alcohol can bring your fitness results...

Can Your Gut Be The Root Cause Of Your Health Issues?

Your Gut Can be the Root Cause of Your Health Issues: How to Heal it Have you ever had a gut feeling? A feeling in the...

The Most Under Estimated Fat Burner

 Mike Here,Not all gas is created equal, same goes for drinking water.One of the most underlooked factor when it comes to increase in energy,burning...
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