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The Impact Of Healthy Values Part 1

Values are an interesting thing. The term ‘values’ arise`s every so often, and I got to wondering what exactly the word meant. Find out...
Values Part 2

The Impact Of Healthy Values Part 2

  A big part of being a Toronto Personal Trainer involves helping clients uphold their health and fitness values, not to mention my own. In...
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3 Important Lessons About Your Life

Most people decide to develop a stable fitness routine because they want to look more attractive and feel healthier. These are both excellent consequences...
Fitness blog

How To Over Fears and Perceptions Before Taking the Big Leap

  Some people truly want to improve their physical fitness, but they avoid going to the gym because they have fears and anxieties about the...
Toronto Personal Training

3 Steps Towards A Successful Healthy Lifestyle Change

 You’ve made the decision to commit to a healthier lifestyle—good for you! Now, how do you know what to do next? This can be...
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