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3 Ways Meditation Can Add Great Value To Your Fitness Goals And Life

  Your body and mind are not two separate entities—they work together to sustain you and are both important components of your overall health. Therefore,...
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How To Avoid Sabotaging Your Results When Eating Out At a Restaurant

During a trip to the grocery store you can choose to purchase only healthy foods to help you avoid the temptation. However, this isn’t...
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Condo Personal Trainer Toronto|”Get Results Now”

Condo Personal Trainer Toronto Yes you can create your own fitness success story. Start today and train in the comfort of your condo gym. Free Trial Session Contact...
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5 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been proven to deliver significant health benefits with just 3-5 interval training sessions per week. This type of exercise...

Fitness Expert Mike Reveals How To Overcome Common Workout Excuses

  Mike here, We are heading into another holiday. At this time of the year many of us are getting ready achieve that great summer body....

First on the list for #1 Acidic Foods to Avoid (Video)

Mike Here, We joke about it, we rationalize weight gain because of it and it always gives us an excuse to have a second piece...
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Alcohol and Fat Burning

Daily alcohol consumption will slow or stop your results. The drawbacks are probably going to far outweigh any health benefits. Your liver can't metabolize alcohol and fat...

Whatever happened to hard work and determination?

    DETERMINATION Take a look at the picture above. Determination enabled the crab to make it out of the bucket! Determination enable the cheetah to catch...

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