Personal Trainer Programs In Toronto

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Michael Kelly is personal trainer in toronto and has developed an innovative way of personal training . His philosophy stands on the principle of creating an inner sense of believe and faith to change repetitive unhealthy daily habits. Once a sense of understanding and awareness is established the next level is increased knowledge, implementation then growth.

Below are the results from the process:
  • Lower body fat and increase muscle tone
  • Gain additional awareness about yourself, lifestyle, nutrition and training.
  • Increase confidence levels inside and outside personal training.
  • Reduce risk of injury and reduce stress levels
  • Help achieve short and long term goals

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tom before tom after


"I went from 200lbs 22% body fat to 155lbs 10% body fat"

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cara before cara after


"I went from a size 8 to a size 2 and lost to % 10 body fat"

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ruth before ruth after


"I lost over 100lbs & increase my endurance"

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kelly before kelly after


"Went from a regular athlete at %12 body fat to competing at %6 body fat"

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