Friday, January 12, 2018

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Health benefits of ginger and turmeric tea

Immune Booster: Ginger and Turmeric Tea

Ginger and Turmeric tea has to be one of my favourite go to recipes to help remedy a cold or flu. Any one of...
new year 2018


 It’s a New Year, you have made it to 2018!!!I hope that 2017 was an amazing year for you. Typically, around this time of...
How To Burn Belly Fat: Discover The 7 Proven Principles Of Natural Pro Fitness Athletes

How To Burn Belly Fat: Discover the 7 Proven Principles of Natural Pro Fitness... How To Burn Belly Fat: Discover the 7 Proven Principles of Natural Pro Fitness Athletes Whats better then having logical,practical, proven principles that work and...
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Tips On How To Burn Off Summer Treats

 We were very fortunate to have an extended summer here in Toronto. Unfortunately its sadly coming to an end. In terms of results, I've...
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How Sleep Can Help With Your Diet

   How Sleep Can Help With Your Diet Diet and exercise are the two things that come to mind when talking about fitness. However, those two...
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How To Make Healthy Choices While On Vacation

 Going away on vacation does not mean that you have to change your regular healthy lifestyle routine. Being in a different environment can make...
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Past & Present Trainee’s *Thank You*

Thank You The idea of giving back to the community and to change and affect lives is the reason why  i've been compelled to do...
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Client of The Month Tessia

   Current Stat Update: Starting Weight (May 2nd): 178.8 lbs First Month (May 31st) : 168.8 lbs (June 21st) : 160 lbs Second Month (July 5th) : 154.8 lbs     Why...
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